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Vehicle Maintenance

How often should I change the oil?
Your car’s oil is only good for a set number of miles. Your car’s manual contains all the information about oil change intervals. If, however, you do not have your manual with you, then you can contact one of our customer care agents and specify your model to have it looked up for you.
At Mark Ficken Ford Lincoln, we save you the trouble of keeping up with your mileages by performing inspections whenever you check in. As such, you can trust our technicians to keep you updated on the quality of your oil and notify you whenever it needs to be changed.
When should I replace the battery?
To be certain of your battery’s condition, schedule an inspection at our dealership to have a technician inspect it. However, you can also do it yourself by checking the warranty date.
The warranty date is specified on the battery, but it may be confusing. The letters specify months: A for January and so on. The accompanying number specifies the date. As such, A17 would mean that your battery should be replaced in January 2017. We recommend changing your battery sometime before the due date to avoid complications.
What do I do if my car does not start?
There may be many reasons for your car not starting. Some of the common problems are a bad starter, a broken alternator, or a dead battery.
Some of the underlying problems are easy to identify. For instance, if the problem is a bad starter, then you will hear a clicking sound whenever you engage the ignition. If on the other hand, the problem is a dead battery, then it should show on the voltmeter. To check the battery’s condition, get a voltmeter and ask someone to engage the ignition as you measure the voltage; the battery should register 12 volts when the vehicle is off, and this should not drop to below 10.50 volts when you engage the ignition.
If all these checks do not yield anything, then turn to the experts for a thorough check.
My “service engine soon” light is on. What do I do?
This light is an indication that there is a problem with your engine. As such, you should schedule a visit with us as soon as possible to have our technicians check your engine. Our technicians have an advanced code reader that is compatible with your Ford vehicle, and they are well equipped to solve the problem.

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How often should I replace the tires?
Different brands of tires have an estimated mileage limit. However, the quality and performance of tires depend on several factors. Quality is the first thing to consider; poor quality tires wear faster than good ones. The condition of your roads is also a major determinant; tires that mostly cruise on smooth tarmac roads last longer than those used in off-roads, on gravel, and other rough services.
As such, it is recommended to perform regular inspections to ensure that your tires are in top shape. As such, check pressure regularly and ensure that the tread is still good for good traction.
Must my new tires be aligned?
Alignment is not always necessary, but it is recommended just for surety. However, it is necessary to have your new tires aligned if they do not have an even wear pattern.
What type of tires should I buy?
Your decision on the ideal tires for your car should be based on their usage. Factors to consider here include how often you drive, the type of roads you usually drive on, and what kind of driving you do. For precision, we recommend that you consult one of our technicians to evaluate your tire usage. Based on these factors, we will recommend the ideal tires for your Ford car.
How often should I replace my belts and hoses?
There is no set time for replacing belts and hoses. Instead, this is determined by their condition. Hoses should be replaced when they get soft or start showing cracks. Belts, on the other hand, should be replaced when they lose their tension, start to rot or lose their shiny appearance on the bottom.
What is the difference between generic and OEM parts?
OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. In your case, an OEM part will be manufactured by Ford and sold either directly by the manufacturer or through third parties. Generic parts, on the other hand, are made by other manufacturers and designed to fit your Ford car.
Here at Mark Ficken Ford we only sell OEM parts made by Ford to ensure that your car gets only the best.


When should I replace my belts and hoses?
There is no hard and fast rule for replacement. You will want to replace them when they are getting soft or are showing cracks. Additionally, if they are showing dry rot signs, are shiny on the bottom, or if the tensioner cannot keep tension in the belt, it is time to replace them.
What is the difference between OEM and generic parts?
OEM parts are original equipment manufacturer parts and they are made by the manufacturer. Generic parts are not made by Ford but are made to fit your vehicle. While they may fit, they do not have the same quality that you get with OEM parts. We only use OEM parts for all services here at Athens Ford so you know you are getting the best quality at all times.

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Over the past few years, technology has drastically increased in vehicles. For Ford vehicles, one of the new popular systems is called SYNC. The system is designed to help you connect to all of your favorite apps as well as your vehicle.
SYNC Features
SYNC is made up of a lot of capabilities that you can use with just the sound of your voice. You can use the system to text someone in your contacts, call someone, play your favorite music, or even navigate somewhere from your phone. Since you are able to use the technology using voice commands, you can keep your eyes focused on the road for more safety while driving. Another great aspect of this technology is that you can connect your favorite apps using the AppLink component. If you like to use Pandora to listen to your music, all you have to do is connect the app and then you can listen to music and use the app functions using voice commands. For example, if you like a song that comes on, you can say “thumbs up” and then a thumbs up will be added to the song for your Pandora account.
Safety Component
SYNC is also there for you in case of an emergency. Part of the technology is 911 Assist at no additional charge. You connect your phone to SYNC and when you need it, 911 Assist can call for help for you even if you cannot do it on your own, like in the case of an accident where the airbags deploy.
The Lincoln Way™ App
You can stay completely connected to your vehicle using the Lincoln Way app. This makes life a lot easier for you because you can do things such as set up and pay for parking, lock and unlock your Lincoln from your app, request roadside assistance, and even gain access to your personalized customer service with the Lincoln Concierge. Additionally, when your vehicle needs service, you can schedule the service as well as pick-up and delivery from the app. 

Does Your Car Have a Safety Recall?

Recalls have been in the news a lot lately. We know you have questions about the effect of these recalls on the safety of you and your passengers. We can’t service every vehicle with an open recall, but we can alert you if your vehicle has one.

Find out if your car is affected.

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